Read Anywhere with the Instapaper for Android

Instapaper allows you to store online pages to read offline later, so you can take your reading material with you wherever you go. Android phones and tablets can use Instapaper. The app will quickly download your unread articles when you are in range of Wi-Fi or mobile data so that you may read them whenever and wherever you like in a format best suited to your device. Archive everything of value you find online, be it a movie, article, cooking recipe, song lyrics, etc. Instapaper makes it easy to collect, organize, and consume content you find online.Articles and videos you store in Instapaper are automatically available on your other devices, such as your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or Kindle. Your saved content is accessible at your convenience, online or offline. Using Instapaper, you can annotate and save any article, making it simple to reference later or share with others.To ensure maximum readability, the Instapaper app just downloads the text from each page.

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